About Kenneth Hedelund

Thank you for seeing my page.
I started as a 8 year old poetry little stories.
As a 15 year old I was very inspired by fantasy I started reading Lene Kaaberbøls books,
It opened a universe that I did not quite expect.

I started writing the most weird things.
It was a universe that was my own. I wrote some short fantasy books in my nice moments.
But it was on March 5, 2016 that it came as a joy,
that I want to write books myself and on March 17, 2016 I started on my first book.
I love writing and have no excuse for not doing it for hours,
Some of the time goes on to read something I love especially a good fantasy book.

Kenneth Hedelund

Inspirational Fantasy & Krimi Author

Kenneth Hedelund was born in Svendborg Hospital in 1992, he grew up in Rudkøbing, his parents divorced when he was 5 years old.
Kenneth had as little a lot of different diagnoses that did not fit completely, so he received his early retirement at the age of 18.

Kenneth was finally diagnosed as 23 years of infantile autism.
Kenneth went to a special school as a child and had a lot of trouble with the school tasks,

could not really write, spell, or read. One day his mother came and gave him a book,
and the mother and Kenneth began to write small stories in it, and so began Kenneth's fantasies.

When Kenneth grew older he began to be very interested in fantasy books.
Kenneth then began writing his own fantasy novel in March 2016, and he opened his own publisher Bloch in April 2017, where he subsequently released the Gift of the Witchcraft.
Kenneth gained inspiration from the gift of sorceress, through his great interest in horses.

Since then, a number of people in the network have taken care of the publisher's tasks.
It has given Kenneth more time to contact social media and write his books.